As a fervent user of Ghost CMS for managing my content, I've always admired its sleek interface and user-friendly editor. However, like many, I've found that harnessing its full power requires a bit of a deeper dive - particularly into its keyboard shortcuts and shortcodes.

Why Keyboard Shortcuts and Shortcodes Matter

The beauty of mastering keyboard shortcuts and shortcodes lies in the effortless and speedy navigation they provide while crafting your posts. Not only do they trim down your writing and editing time, but they also offer a smoother, more seamless user experience.

Ghost CMS Keyboard Shortcuts: A Closer Look

Keyboard shortcuts are essentially key combinations that perform certain actions within the CMS. Ghost CMS has a variety, though they might not be glaringly apparent upon first use.

Code Formatting

  • Inline Code: Ctrl + Shift + K - Use this to highlight a small code snippet within a sentence.
  • Block Code: ```language + Enter``` OR ``` + Enter``` - Ideal for showcasing blocks of code with or without specifying a programming language.

Text Emphasis

  • Bold: Ctrl + B - Make your text bold for emphasis.
  • Italics: Ctrl + I - Italicize your text.
  • Underline: Ctrl + U - Underline key points or titles.
  • Strike: Ctrl + Alt + U - Strike through text to indicate an error or deletion.
  • Superscript: ^Superscript^ - Raise a character or word for footnotes or exponents.
  • Subscript: Subscript - Lower a character or word, often used in scientific terms.


  • Preview the Post: Ctrl + P - See a preview before publishing.
  • Return to Editor: Esc - Quickly jump back to the editor from preview mode.
  • Save Modifications: Ctrl + S - Save your progress to avoid data loss.

Crafting Headings

Headings structure your content, making it digestible and SEO-friendly.

  • Rotate Through Headings: Ctrl + H - Continually press to cycle through heading levels.
  • Headings from h1 to h6: Ctrl + Alt + [1-6] - Use these to specify heading level directly.

Organizing Content with Lists

  • Ordered List: Simply start with "1." followed by your first item.
  • Unordered List: Use * followed by a space or Ctrl + L.

Additional Formatting

  • Block Quote: Ctrl + Q - Highlight a section of text as a quote.
  • Hyperlink: Ctrl + K - Turn text into a clickable link.
  • Special Blocks: Use / on a new line - Access additional formatting options like adding images or embeds.

The Utility of Shortcodes

Shortcodes in Ghost CMS, especially those borrowed from Markdown syntax, allow for easy formatting and special functionality within your posts.

For instance, you may use:

  • ![Image Alt Text](ImageURL) to embed an image.
  • [Link Text](URL) to insert a hyperlink.
  • > Blockquote to stylize a block of text as a quote.

Closing Thoughts

While I've embarked on a journey to master all of Ghost CMS's shortcuts and shortcodes, I'm certain there are more to uncover. If you've stumbled upon any not mentioned here, do share them in the comments below!

May this cheat sheet serve as a handy guide to enhance your writing and editing efficiency on Ghost CMS. Happy blogging! 😘

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