If you have started a new blog or are switching to Ghost from a different platform, you might ask the question, "What is the URL to login?".

The way to log into the admin section of your blog is to just add /ghost to the end of your blog's URL. For example:


If you host your blog in a subdirectory like /blog/ then just add the /ghost to the end of that:


Same for a subdomain:


If you are used to using a service like Wordpress or something else, Ghost does automatically redirect /admin and /wp-admin to /ghost to allow you to login rather than just 404'ing.

Once you go to /ghost and login, you will be inside the Ghost admin section and can write new posts or make any adjustments that you need.

About the author
Emre Elbeyoglu

Emre Elbeyoglu

Co-founder and CEO at Popupsmart. I just wanted to share my know-how about SEO for Ghost creators.

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