If you have blogged with Wordpress before, you are most likely familiar with putting your posts into categories. In Ghost, tags are essentially categories. They allow you group posts and/or pages together using whatever tag you want.

For example, on this site, we group posts into categories like developer, or beginner, or theme. This allows us to group these posts together for easy navigation of our site.

So, lets show you how to make a tag. Go ahead and log into your Ghost admin if you have not, and create a new post. Go ahead and title your post whatever you want. I am going to call my post "Apples".

In the top right corner, you will see a little cog icon. Click on that and then click inside the Tags input box.

Here is where you can type in the tags that you want. Type in the tag you want and hit Enter. I am going to put in Apple and Fuji.

Now go ahead and publish your post. Now, almost every theme does something different with the tags, but if your theme lists the tags for each post you will see them listed

Another great thing about tags, is Ghost automatically creates tag pages. Tag pages show every post that has a specific tag. So, now on our blog, if I go to [mysite].com/tag/apple I will see every post that has the tag apple.

Thats it for tags! Head to the next section to learn how to create a post with a custom url.

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